New year same us. And as always we're trying to bring home some new shows. The last weeks we also did some songwriting. So come to a show, there might be a tune that could be worth to hear it...



It's very close and we'd be very pleased to see you in Slovenia. Hear us on Friday, 16:30, second stage or go drink up all it can give...



Helly yeah - the first festival shows were fantastic! Now we are looking forward to the MetalDays in Slovenia. We have some tickets in our shop - hurry up, the festival is sold out soon!

And there is another small new thing: you'll find our new patch in our shop now - scroll down it's at the end.



The festivals and the summer are fast approaching. And we have something new for you to wear. Our new shirts are now available in the online shop on our homepage and at every concert.


It was a very good year for us. We had a lot of drinks and many blowups… and there is nothing more to say about it, so Happy New Year to all of you. Party hard and do whatever you want.
As you know, we'll play at the MetalDays in Tolmin. You're able to buy tickets in our „store“. Just write a message. It's 135€ + shipping.



X-mas comes closer - and we have a special price action for you! Click here: Shop and hurry up - these prices are valid only for a few days!



Larceny - all ways lead into darkness... Unfortunately this is the truth. But there's a good thing about it. The MetalDays in Tolmin called us into darkness and we really appreciate it. In July 2016 we'll drive towards Slovenia. Follow the links!



Long time passed since we post the latest news :( Well, we were not too lazy all the time. At least we just started to work on some new stuff and cannot wait to play the next shows. Look at pics to watch some expressions of 2015. We try to keep that album up to date.



We are proud of this one and we're glad to tell you that "Into Darkness" was released today. Go to Sounds or Soundcloud for a small taste. Hope you'll enjoy it. We do. You may need a few takes but if it won't get dark enough, close your eyes. It's easy :) CU soon. We're going to get our asses back on the roads... maybe towards your town! 



One week to go and we’ll release our new Album at Abdera in Biberach a.d.R. Take a look at cover and tracklist.

cover  tracklist

Additionally there are some nice shots of our night in Passau. Look at “Diverse” in pics. Provided and shot by Duffi-Graphie. Thanks a lot.

So long, damn Happy Easter. See You in the Abyss on Saturday!



That was a long period of silence here. Sorry. Well, we had a lot of work to do and at least (or at last) there is one message we can shout out: we finished the Recordings of our new Album a few weeks ago. Check out our pics to catch a few impressions. BTW we thank the 2 gangs that supperted us in "No Surrender". The message is clear now. And as usual, we fixed the first dates for this year already. Check shows.



we say goodbye for this year. Yes, that was a cool, funny and stressful year 2014.
Thank you Munich, for that breathtaking Thursday last week. We didn’t expect an experience like that.
But most of all we want to thank every single friend who supported us at StartNext. We did it!!
Hell Yeah. Thank YOU!

Merry X-Mas,
Happy New Year
A shitload of beer!



It was a blast this weekend! Thanks a lot to all who where there and made this to a great party! A lot of thanks also to the bands My lying paragon, Palace and Synasthasia! And on thursday we'll play our last show for this year. The first show in Munich!



Yeh mates, there are some news to be told. First of all we're glad to inform you, that our first digital single was released on 17.10.2014. You can prelisten and order it at the usual distribution platforms (e.g., By the way, THIS is what SAOL wrote. And same as last time, we offer you the second song of this digital single in low quality, but full length on soundcloud. Try it. Last but not least is our upcoming album 2015. Here is some info about our crowdfunding project: Grab your copy of the new album with personal dedication, YOUR NAME in the booklet, or one of the MANY OTHER rewards even now at
We work on new songs and rely on your support! Cheerio.


Good 1000km in the car behind us. And saturday experienced a successful organization at Mühlenbrand Festival in Düren. Thanks to the organizing team!
If you like to join us in Biberach this weekend, do it. The drinks are cheap and the music will be loud. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
Saturday. 20:00. M-Pire. Biberach.



At least we ended our break and we were not lazy all the time. Because of our well known reason, we decided to record new vocals for a few songs. Further there will be a digital single you can get soon in the usual distribution platforms. And as a foretaste we put the songs on soundcloud. Try it. Two more will follow. The Single is called "Gunpowder Night" by the way. CU soon.


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